Welcome to GraFix By EJDesigns!!

Are you a gamer? A lover of art? Do you thirst for that perfect "flasher" design for your default pic?? I can make your wildest dreams virtual reality!

About the Site

I am addicted. To a few things actually. I LOVE playing Mobsters (on Myspace) and I LOVE making digital art. I found a way to feed both of my "addictions" by making the best flashers in the game. I co-founded a mobsters group, and started doing animations and graphics for that purpose; became not only a member but the webmaster of the group.
Long story short: here I am, and now I am making my services available to everyone. I don't just design custom mob graphics, but I can do photo retouches, animations, logo design, banners, backgrounds... Basically, if you can dream it, I can make it.
Some of my best work has been done for my online family:

If you would like your dream turned into virtual reality, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] Preview our products here: http://ejdesigns.yolasite.com and if you like the product a lot, fell free to become my affiliate and earn money with me!